“Armenia Art Fair” 2019


“Armenia Art Fair” 2019 / Yerevan Expo Center / Yerevan / Armenia / 2019

Galleries from Iran to participate in Armenia Art Fair

Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Vista and Saye, two major galleries based in Tehran, will be participating in the 2nd Armenia Art Fair, which will be running at the Yerevan Expo Center from May 31 to June 3, the organizers have announced.

Vista Gallery will take a collection of works by emerging artists Teyyebeh Dejdoost, Setareh Hosseini, Gandom Amiri and Sormeh Arab to the art fair, which is scheduled to showcase a large number of artworks from across the world.

Thirty-five galleries and curators representing contemporary artists from different countries, including Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, U.S., Spain and the UK, will also participate in the art fair.

The organizers also plan to hold sessions and workshops in a program titled “Art Week”, during which various fascinating subjects such as the relationship between art and new technology, developing trends in new art markets, and exploration of the relationship between art and data will be discussed.

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