Setareh Hosseini`s Biography

Setareh Hosseini was born in 1979,Tehran

M.A. in Illustration / Azad University (Faculty of Art and Architecture) 2005

B.A. in Graphic Design / Art University, 2002

She was touched by her mother’s art classes as a kid.

Music and painting was the atmosphere of her house. So she got her B.A. in Graphic Design and M.A. in Illustration to continue this passion of hers. She tried to find a way between different art forms that she’ve known to express herself, from illustration to photography and video art. So there is dynamic exchange between what she does and contemporary art. Women and their relation with society is her main concern, a relation which is mixed of traditional and modernism and contemporary cultural aspects. Diversity, integration, local, international and human relation with community or sexuality is main thoughts of her art work.